About Us

Harvard gave us Gates and Zuckerberg. Stanford gave us Brin and Page. It’s the Yale Undergraduate Entrepreneur Magazine’s job to find out who’s next. First published in the year 2000, the YE began life as a humble newsletter for the Yale Entrepreneurial Society. Since then, it has become a publication in its own right. The magazine’s mission is to spark interest in entrepreneurship at Yale through interviews, profiles, personal essays, and coverage of on-campus entrepreneurial events. Yale isn’t traditionally known for its startup scene, but that’s soon going to change. The YE gives readers on campus and around the world an all-access look at the rapidly growing movement of entrepreneurship at Yale. Discover what’s next.

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Nicole Clark · Editor-in-Chief

Nicole Clark is a junior in Pierson, majoring in English. She is a research assistant for the Women Faculty Forum and an executive board member of the Yale Entrepreneur Society. Nicole loves going to concerts and is an avid reader and writer of poetry. You can find her riding her bike around campus and swiping people into the Pierson dining hall on family night. Contact her at: nicole.clark@yale.edu.


Anny Dow · Director of Marketing

Anny Dow is a junior in Silliman and a potential Cognitive Science major with a focus on positive emotion and decision making. In addition to being on the YEM team, Anny is a research assistant in the Yale Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab and a project manager for the Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group. She enjoys hiking, playing the violin, watching Disney movies, and drinking ridiculous quantities of coffee.


Jimmy Fitzcharles · Director of Finance

Jimmy Fitzcharles is a junior in Saybrook, majoring in Economics & Mathematics. He is interested in pursuing a career in finance after graduation. On campus, he is an active member of Chi Psi fraternity and a weekly Toad’s Place enthusiast.  Jimmy also works for the Yale Alumni Fund, and in addition has started his own Entertainment Service DJ business here at Yale.  His hobbies include oceanfishing, woodworking, and watching sports whenever possible.


Aaron Lewis · Director of Design

Aaron Lewis is a junior in Saybrook and a Cognitive Science major. Outside of the Yale Entrepreneur Magazine, Aaron is a studio leader for Design for America and a writer for the Yale Daily News. He loves to longboard and play the classical guitar, and sometimes does both at the same time.


Jeffrey Qiu · Managing Editor

Jeffrey Qiu is a junior in Saybrook majoring in Economics and Mathematics with a research interest in macroeonomics.  He’s interested in the politics and economics of emerging markets as well as the digital humanities, having previously curated an exhibit in cooperation with the Yale University Art Gallery.  He enjoys Wes Anderson films and Cheez-its.

Marek-Ramilo_avatar_1380519555-200x200Marek Ramilo · Managing Editor

Marek Ramilo is a junior in Morse hailing from Atlanta, GA. He plans to major in economics and is particularly interested in behavioral economics, statistics, and entrepreneurship. Marek is also a staff reporter for the Yale Daily News and the treasurer for KASAMA. In his free time, Marek plays pickup basketball and not much else.


Grace Gellman · Managing Editor

Grace Gellman is a junior in Saybrook and a History major. Outside of the Yale Entrepreneur Magazine, Grace is the Human Resources Director for Kappa Alpha Theta and a member of Peace by P.E.A.C.E. She loves country music and all kinds of outdoor activities.

michelle_magMichelle Kelrikh · Managing Editor

Michelle Kelrikh is a sophomore in Morse and a prospective Ethics, Politics, and Economics major. She’s passionate about social justice and entrepreneurship, specifically the use of microfinance to combat poverty. Michelle also competes in the Yale Debate Association and serves as a coach for the Urban Debate League. In her free time, you can find her watching literally everything on Netflix.